Battle of Planets stands for the online card game for the topic of space and alternative future, with more than 100 unique colorful fantastic cards of quality art.

It does not go about wide-known dice or casino where players are offered to play against the company. Here you will play with other players by simultaneously communicating with to them via chats. You can play both with and without bets. The bets are made in BTC.

Each player has its own planet, planetary shield, and troops. The goal of the game is to build planet to a specific level or destroy the enemy one. The obtained losses are firstly absorbed by planetary shield and next by the planet itself by avoiding the shield.

The game has three types of resources: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Each resource has its own growth during a move. Specific cards the growth of resources can be increased or decreased during the game. The cards having more powerful effect require more resources.

The user can win based on the number of collected resources besides the win for getting your planet specific level or for destroying the enemy one. Moreover, the win can be awarded in case of the opponent being idle —after 5 missed moves.

Note: "ctrl+ins" and "shift+ins" is not available due to software specifics of the game, be sure to use "ctrl+c" and "ctrl+v" instead of it.

We offer the game for Bitcoin. Novices and others can play without bets in practice mode. Playing in practice mode does not influence the gamer’s statistics. Minimum bet is 0.0001 BTC.

We charge 2% commission fee from player winnings. For example, if both players bet 0.5 BTC, the winner gets 0.98 BTC — meaning the bets of both players excluding 2%. How do we use this 2%? We pay 1% of the bet of each player to their referees (referral commission) and 1% for cover our expences.

After withdrawal request to your BTC address, the transaction will be done in 24 hours. We charge 1% from the withdrawal sum to cover transaction fees.

Money is wired after 3 Bitcoin network confirmations in case of inter-game account refill. In case if the account is refilled via merchant we wire money on the receipt of successful payment confirmation.

You might refill account with any amount and minimum for withdrawal makes 0.001 BTC.

Yes, we offer 3 level refferral program. Receive income from invited players 1 level 0.6% + 2 level 0.2% + 3 level 0.2% on constant basis. You can find banners and affiliate links in your account and here.

In additional: if the user gets registered with the nickname of invited person he gets one week of premium service for free.

Important: it is prohibited to register account via your own affiliate link. Otherwise your account will be blocked.

Additional slot supposes that from the beginning of the game the player gets 7 cards, not 6. This additional slot remains during the game.

Premium service allows monitoring the statistics of wins/defeats of the adversary before accepting the request and provides additional slots in each game during the period of premium service action.

You can purchase these options at the account of inter-game balance.

In case of BTC faucet abuses, fake games where you will lose to your other own accounts, the admins leave the right to refuse payments or delete account. Play honestly!